Cornhill Market, Lincoln

As part of the wider Lincoln Central Market (renamed the Cornhill Market) redevelopment our Joinery team worked on restoring and replacing the old market stalls, ready for traders, new and old, to move in. The Joinery team was tasked with building each stall from the ground up on site, following designs set by the client. A prototype stall was built within the Joinery workshop as a trial run, used to highlight any potential design issues that could be rectified before going into the market. Joinery invited the client down to the workshop to look at the mock up design and discuss the project in person. On top of creating the market stalls, Joinery was also tasked with building 11 toilet stall doors. All of these doors were produced by our apprentices, who also managed the project themselves. Drawings of the doors were designed, which were then used to estimate the amount of timber needed. This wood came into the workshop to be measured before starting with the planer to square it on the face and edge, then to the moulder until the wood was the required size. Eventually this created a jigsaw of custom hand-cut pieces of wood that could be put together which was then ready for any finishing touches.


We constructed bespoke trade counters as part of a major refurbishment of Lincoln's indoor market. We built a prototype in our workshop, which our client and and market stallholders were invited to test. We then built the new counters in-situ in the centre of Lincoln.

Project Details

Client Name:

Lincoln Cornhill Exchange and Markets Ltd